Una earrings

CHF 59.00

With Una, the eye quickly falls on the gemstone, which is inserted by hand. She is also the big sister of Alima.

The gemstones can vary in colour, from light to dark, transparent to milky. They all have one thing in common, they are unique, just like you are.


Our gold-plated brass jewellery is resistant for sports, showering and even a trip to the beach.

Please note that our silver plated brass jewellery should be taken off for sports and showering. You can find more information about this in our Care instructions.



Mix & Match:

Our earring can be combined with all bottoms

We have three different gemstones that you can choose yourself. Each gemstone has its own meaning:

Rose quartz: stone of love and fertility

Amazonite: Stone of patience and tolerance

Opal: stone of self-confidence and communication skills

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